Celebrities in Advertising: Yay or Nay?

Recently, Mad 4 Marketing had a guest visit the offices from Europe who remarked: “Americans use so many celebrities in their ads. It’s not like that in the rest of the world.” She said that she’d been transfixed by commercial breaks while watching TV, because it seemed like she could name the spokesperson for one […]

Can We Please See Your ID?

Your company’s identity is absolutely vital to its success. Its image, reputation and aesthetics are all about as important as services rendered. And the very first point of contact that a prospective client or customer has with your company is the logo. On “America’s Next Great Restaurant,” contestants vying to open three branches of a […]

Reverse Product Placement?

A few weeks ago, The New York Observer and other outlets began reporting on a trend making its way through the celebrity world: reverse or anti-product placement. Called a “wicked” new marketing strategy, this fascinating pattern describes marketing and public relations companies sending out free samples to famous persons with the hope of linking that […]