Take a Lesson From This Hilarious and Highly Successful Marketing Gift

Each year around the holidays, we send out greeting cards to friends, loved ones and business associates. Sometimes, gifts are sent along to colleagues and clients to make our communications more memorable amid a season that’s packed with forgettable presents in predictable packaging. But over in United Kingdom, one company sent out gifts that are […]

Trendy Giving Ideas: Charity and e-Philanthropy

It is always nice to receive a thoughtful present, especially things we would never buy for ourselves or items that can be put to practical use. But there is a kind of gift that is not only rewarding to receive, but also rewarding to give. This year, a lot of companies are donating to charity […]

How to Give Clients Gifts: Part 1

It’s tradition for businesses to reach out to affiliates and clients during the holiday season to say thank you for one more year together. It is also a prime time to prompt communication, especially if it’s been awhile since you last stoked the existing relationship. And of course, the gesture shows generosity and gratitude. But […]