Politicizing Commercials

politicizing commercials

During an election cycle, commercials are used to sell politics. From praising certain candidates to advocating specific ideologies, campaign ads play a big role in persuading millions of Americans to vote and shaping the overall outcome of the elections. Now, in a surprise twist, politics are being used to sell commercials. In a highly charged […]

Controversial Commercials Around the World – Part 2

Last time we started sharing some of the most scandal-causing outrage-provoking television commercials from around the world. Apparently, Germany doesn’t want to think about loved ones dying (1) and Australia has a sore spot for children using foul language (2). But what about a few from a little closer to home? Here’s what’s stoking ad viewers […]

Controversial Commercials Around the World – Part 1

It’s funny how the value of creating a buzz just isn’t what it used to be. Now it’s not enough to just get people talking about your ad. You need to get likes and clicks and views. In a crowded market, that leads to brazen one-upmanship. Sometimes it works (like many of Geico’s increasingly outlandish setups) […]