This Holiday Season, Give Presence

The holidays are a busy time a year. That’s true for everyone, but perhaps especially true for marketers who are trying to capitalize on end-of-year spending from both corporations and individuals.

Take a Lesson From This Hilarious and Highly Successful Marketing Gift

Each year around the holidays, we send out greeting cards to friends, loved ones and business associates. Sometimes, gifts are sent along to colleagues and clients to make our communications more memorable amid a season that’s packed with forgettable presents in predictable packaging. But over in United Kingdom, one company sent out gifts that are […]

Gift Advertising: Thinking Outside of the Box

With the holidays wrapping up, we began to think creatively about some of the missed marketing opportunities from the recent weeks. Creative businesses might be able to take advantage of corporate gifting in ways they’ve never thought of before. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Wrapping. Have you ever designed your own wrapping paper? […]

Shopping on Cyber Monday

How are shoppers supposed to navigate all those ads hitting their inbox and flooding their computer screen today? With so much commercialism competing for the same wallets on Cyber Monday, it’s hard to sort through the buzzwords and price tags to determine what’s really a great deal. Reduced costs aren’t enough to help buyers decide […]

Improving Your Website for E-Commerce

Last week we discussed the fact that consumers are increasingly using websites and mobile apps to research gifts or directly fulfill their holiday shopping needs. It became clear that marketers will want to put more money and consideration than usual into online advertisements. But what if you’re an online retailer – or e-tailer – looking […]

Seasonal Marketing: Fall and Winter Holidays

Labor Day just passed, which means we’re about to tumble through the holidays and wind down the remaining months of 2011. And although you may not be picking out place settings for your Thanksgiving dinner just yet, it’s impossible to ignore these upcoming occasions – especially since retailers are only too happy to move their […]