Our New Client Makes Us Hungry For More

Meat (er… ‘meet’) Nat Deliman, the newest client of Mad 4 Marketing. He’s what you would call a standup guy, a real go-getter who loves to be involved in his community and make new friends. From our very first meeting, he was an instant hit with the entire staff – whetting our appetite with his […]

Can We Please See Your ID?

Your company’s identity is absolutely vital to its success. Its image, reputation and aesthetics are all about as important as services rendered. And the very first point of contact that a prospective client or customer has with your company is the logo. On “America’s Next Great Restaurant,” contestants vying to open three branches of a […]

How to Give Clients Gifts: Part 2

Last week, we answered some tough questions about handling gift-giving to clients and affiliates during the holiday season. Here are two more frequently asked gift-giving questions answered, with ideas and examples to help spark your imagination. How can my gift stand out among many others during the holiday season? Don’t Google “unique gifts for clients.” […]