How to Share Bad News

In the realm of business, not all news is good news. Sharing unfavorable updates with your patrons and brand enthusiasts is a delicate task, requiring a blend of honesty, empathy, and strategy. It requires balance and transparency, where maintaining trust and credibility stands at the forefront. Begin with Transparency: Start your communication with a clear […]

Spring Into Action With Your Marketing Plan: Here’s How!

As the days grow longer, spring brings the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts. For businesses, it’s the perfect time to revitalize your marketing plan or infuse your current efforts with energy. Here’s how you can spring into action! 1. Refresh Your BrandSpring is synonymous with cleaning, so why not apply this to your […]

How Can You Organically Build Brand Awareness?

You can grow your audience with coordinated paid marketing campaigns. But that’s not the only way — which is good news for those with a tight budget, or just seeking to diversify their approach. The other way to build brand awareness is by going organic. Organically building brand awareness is a strategic process that involves […]

When Is TikTok Marketing Worth It?

Though many people had doubts — and you might have been one of them — TikTok has endured as a social media platform and seems to be sticking it out for the long haul. So it might be time to take a deep breath and ask: Is it time to start thinking about TikTok as […]

How to Make an Eye-Catching Instagram Grid

If your company has its own Instagram, the first thing to ask is…why? Did you feel like it was just something you had to do? Do you have a vision for how your brand will translate to such a visual medium? And a regular posting schedule?  A lot of companies don’t think it all through, […]

5 New Year’s Marketing Practices for Small Businesses

Small business owners might feel like they must be especially savvy and stay vigilant to remain competitive with large companies that have seemingly endless budgets and large teams for their marketing efforts. However, a few tips can help small businesses stand out by harnessing the very brand personalities and nimbleness that make them unique. Here […]

Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2024

Digital marketers have seen some tremendous changes in the philosophies, platforms, and priorities affecting their work in recent years — and that is likely to remain true in 2024. You can anticipate continued technological advancements, but you will need to learn how they can best serve your objectives by incorporating a deeper understanding of your […]

4 Principles of Behavioral Psychology That Are Useful to Marketers

Through a deeper understanding of human motivations, decisions, and actions, marketers can craft strategies that not only engage but also enthrall audiences. Here are four pillars of behavioral psychology that are often employed by marketers: But it’s not just about understanding these principles, it’s about integrating them ethically into marketing strategies. It’s a fine balance […]

Have Mobile Users Had Their Fill of Apps?

Today, it seems like everyone has an app. Chipotle has an app. Your dog groomer has an app. Want to see your favorite website from 2004? Too bad, now you need to log on to the app. Does your company need its own app? Maybe—but it’s very possible that you don’t.  That’s because people are […]