Advertising on Twitter

On the Internet, launching a successful viral video or popular website certainly has its own merit. But gaining brand recognition and traffic may only be part of a complete business model. Once a presence is established, the fastest way to generate revenue is through advertising. Selling valuable advertising space (much like real estate) allows businesses […]

Most Marketing Fails

You may be surprised to hear the above statement, especially coming from us, but it is the simple truth. In good times and bad times, a large percentage of the marketing efforts you put out into the world won’t be as effective as you had planned. What makes marketing successful is the strength of your […]

Healthcare Messages to the Target Audience

The target audience is what drives the marketing campaign into prosperity or destruction.  They can either shell out the cash for a drug prescription, or throw it out an open window because of faulty marketing.  The main question the consumer asks is “So, what do I get out of this?” Well that’s elementary my dear […]

Social Media: Earning an Online Audience

Are you building an online social media platform from the ground up? You’ll want to gather an audience who is willing to follow your words, sign up for notifications, and participate in your vision. But in order to do that, the very first thing you have to do is earn your audience’s trust. Don’t settle […]