Spring Cleaning Your Marketing – Part 2

Last week we started talking about the importance of looking at your marketing plan in March. If you’re cleaning up everything else in your life, why not tag on the very important task of seeing if your winter goals are still holding up as the seasons change? For starters, this is a great time to […]

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Plan – Part 1

It’s time to clean up your marketing plan. Why not do it when you’re traditionally supposed to be giving your home a good scrub, packing away your winter clothes and clearing some mental cobwebs thanks to the season’s warmth, sunshine and all those lovely flowers everywhere? So what do we mean by cleaning up your […]

Marketing Plans: Getting Started

Before you’re ready to start marketing your business, you need a plan. Marketing plans don’t require you to have formal knowledge of marketing (that’s where the pros come in), but they help you assess your needs prior to working with an agency. They help you focus on short- and long-term goals, and they provide a […]