How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 2

Last week, we started out with three top tips for making a radio commercial that will concisely and entertainingly translate your company’s message to the masses. Here are another three useful “sound bites” for your consideration: 4. Get creative. This often comes down to the creative content, i.e., the script and sound. You might want […]

How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 1

Interested in buying some audio airtime to advertise your business? At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve got extensive experience and can offer some insider know-how about creating and promoting radio commercials. 1. Find your perfect outlet. Media buying and placement is an art. You want to have your ad matched with the correct audience. That means […]

M4M: Looking Ahead at 2012

As the new year kicks off, we’re looking at some exciting growth and new developments around the office at Mad 4 Marketing. One thing we started at the end of 2011 was staffing up the company, which included introducing new team member Damon. Damon has been professionally involved with the Internet since the early 1990s […]

The Importance of a Catchy Jingle – Part 1

We talk a lot about the importance of visually appealing logos for your business – but what about another classic element to branding, the catchy jingle? A short, brief, original spurt of music that complements your commercial is known as a jingle. Their popularity is often associated with ads on the airwaves in the ‘50s […]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words?

When it comes to advertising, what’s more important: long, descriptive, informative copy — or a short and evocative tagline? What about no words at all … just enticing visual creative? Naturally, there’s not one simple answer. Depending on the client and the product, more information may be needed to provide an accurate and alluring snapshot […]

Super Bowl XLV Commercials

The Super Bowl just keeps stepping up its game when it comes to selling, promoting and popularizing its commercials, which cost $3 million for 30 seconds on average this year. For the first time ever, showed commercials during Super Bowl XLV through a specialized “channel” (AdZone 2011) that allowed viewers to not only watch […]