When Ads Become Feature Films

Back in April 2016 we blogged about a new film starring John Malkovich that none of us will be alive to see. That’s because it’s being released in 100 years as part of a marketing gimmick for Louis XIII Cognac’s 100-year aging process. It’s called, of course, “100 Years.” It seems that the trend of […]

Holiday Marketing: Bud Light V.P. Talks About Branding

Just in time for May 5 – widely known for its association with the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo – Budweiser is discussing its marketing strategy with relation to two popular, nontraditional drinks in its arsenal: Bud Light Lime and the newer Lime-A-Rita. One of these has been around since 2008 (among the first […]

Marketing Stunts

At Mad 4 Marketing, we’re always wary of resorting to gimmicks when we’re building a campaign for your business. Although it can be fun to come up with extremely creative and off-the-wall ideas to help you get the word out, at the end of the day these brainstorming sessions are often best just to get […]