MailChimp: Marketing’s surprise viral sensation of 2014 – Part 2

The MailChimp story, which we discussed last week, is sure to become a legacy in the annals of radio advertising. But how did it get there? First, let’s go over what the ad actually is, because it’s shockingly simple. The 20-second spot opens with seven different voices pronouncing the word “MailChimp” (with varying degrees of […]

MailChimp: Marketing’s surprise viral sensation of 2014 – Part 1

  MailChimp: Even if you don’t use the mass email system personally, you’ve likely heard the name. And that’s because the company, founded in 2001, struck gold in the last quarter of 2014 – quicker than you can say “brand awareness.” Now, MailChimp is already in the business of marketing. The company helps businesses design, […]

How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 2

Last week, we started out with three top tips for making a radio commercial that will concisely and entertainingly translate your company’s message to the masses. Here are another three useful “sound bites” for your consideration: 4. Get creative. This often comes down to the creative content, i.e., the script and sound. You might want […]

How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 1

Interested in buying some audio airtime to advertise your business? At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve got extensive experience and can offer some insider know-how about creating and promoting radio commercials. 1. Find your perfect outlet. Media buying and placement is an art. You want to have your ad matched with the correct audience. That means […]

Calls to Action with Multimedia Marketing

At Mad 4 Marketing, we’ve always been strong proponents of the 360-degree campaign. This means approaching your target audience from all angles to create a balanced, interwoven appeal. For example, you might want to have a strong website launching at the same time you put up local billboards and take out a well-placed radio ad. […]