How to Give Clients Gifts: Part 2

Last week, we answered some tough questions about handling gift-giving to clients and affiliates during the holiday season. Here are two more frequently asked gift-giving questions answered, with ideas and examples to help spark your imagination. How can my gift stand out among many others during the holiday season? Don’t Google “unique gifts for clients.” […]

How to Give Clients Gifts: Part 1

It’s tradition for businesses to reach out to affiliates and clients during the holiday season to say thank you for one more year together. It is also a prime time to prompt communication, especially if it’s been awhile since you last stoked the existing relationship. And of course, the gesture shows generosity and gratitude. But […]

Seasonal Advertising: Pros & Cons

Every year, businesses put aside a heft of their marketing budget for “in-season” advertising. In Florida, the peak tourist season spans from approximately December to March, when snowbirds head south for winter. Consumerism increases, and companies reach out to the influx of eyes and ears (and wallets) with targeted seasonal advertising. And that’s a great […]