Facebook Puts Friends and Family First

This summer, following media attention about its lack of transparency with its trending topics, Facebook released further information about how it controls our News Feeds. The report provided some interesting insights, but featured one particular change that’s important for marketers to know: Facebook has once again been posting content from our family and friends ahead […]

How Much Is Your Emoji Worth?

Did you celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17? With so many unofficial “holidays” to keep track of these days, you might not have heard about this new addition that falls between National Macaroon Day (May 31) and National Tequila Day (July 24). As marketers, we definitely had to pay attention this time, because the day […]

The New Face of Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app is getting a facelift. Its newest addition will change the interface dramatically, but it’s also so simple that most people won’t even notice that it wasn’t there before. It’s getting a “Home” button. This would allow users to quickly navigate back to the home screen from panes where they might be […]

Facebook Considers Placing Video Ads in News Feed

Remember last year when advertising started creeping into your news feed? It migrated from Facebook’s sidebar to a more intrusive position right in the middle of your mid-day scroll, between your co-worker’s new baby photos and your sister’s new high score on Candy Crush. But, apparently Facebook hasn’t seen too much backlash from this strategy. […]

Facebook Newsfeed Restructured; May Help Sell Ads

Last Thursday, Facebook revealed its plans to restructure the look and layout of its “newsfeed” page, which is the first page that viewers land on when they log onto the site. This page is where a person can see the top posts from their “friends.” CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that this move correlates with Facebook’s […]

Keeping Your Social Media Followers

Last week we discussed what it means to be a leader or a follower in the social media landscape. This week, we wanted to offer you some suggestions for how to keep your followers engaged and enthusiastic if you’re trying to stay on top. A few basic rules are: • Don’t post too much. This […]

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Follow. Like. Friend. Subscribe. Social media cleverly breaks its users down into two categories: leaders and followers. But which category do you fall into, and which one is best? The answer may not be as clear as you’d at first think. Obviously you want to be a leader in your field, and you want to […]

Social Media Marketing with Pinterest: 3 Steps

So we’ve spent the past two weeks talking about the appeal, growth and users of Pinterest. Now it’s time to talk about how you can harness this knowledge to market your website by using Pinterest’s social media strengths. It’s actually fairly easy to optimize any e-commerce site for Pinterest. Here are the three simple steps: […]

Are Facebook Ads Relevant? General Motors Says ‘No’

Yesterday, car manufacturer and longtime advertiser General Motors hit reverse and pulled out of its advertising contract with Facebook. The company announced that this decision was due to poor performance and low ROI. This decision also followed closely on the heels of an MSNBC report showing that Facebook users don’t really trust the paid promotion […]