Word-of-Mouth Advertising in the Influencer Age

Consider these modern tips to optimize your word-of-mouth marketing.WOM (word-of-mouth) advertising is just as powerful today as it has ever been, with over 80% of people prioritizing the recommendations of friends and family. Overall, 90% of recommendations resonate if they come from other people, even if they are strangers, as opposed to statements coming from brands.

5 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Reach

In July’s newsletter, we wrote about how you can easily grow your organic reach on Facebook by sharing links via photo posts rather than sharing them via URL. Below you’ll find those steps laid out for immediate results, along with four more easy tips to quickly double or even triple your organic reach on Facebook. […]

Advertising Praise

Award Season

  It’s the height of awards season, from the Golden Globes and Grammys to the Emmys and Oscars. And that has us thinking about the merits of awards–and how to show them off. Each industry has its own gold standard of excellence, with a handful of different ways your business can be ranked or recognized. […]

3 Lessons from a Post-It War

War—what is it good for? Well, if it’s the kind of war that takes place when rival ad agencies get passive-aggressive with Post-It notes in their office windows, it’s good for everyone who gets to see the results. That’s what happened in NYC a few months ago. It started innocently enough when the word “Hi” […]