Word-of-Mouth Advertising in the Influencer Age

Consider these modern tips to optimize your word-of-mouth marketing.WOM (word-of-mouth) advertising is just as powerful today as it has ever been, with over 80% of people prioritizing the recommendations of friends and family. Overall, 90% of recommendations resonate if they come from other people, even if they are strangers, as opposed to statements coming from brands.

3 Ideas to Outsmart Ad Blockers

Ad blockers can be the bane of any hard-working digital marketer’s existence. On one hand, we all know what it’s like to have our browsing experience interrupted by an unwanted pop-up or unsightly banner. On the other hand, digital ads are how brands are able to reach millions of eyes every day, as people spend […]

Mozilla Firefox Browser Starts Selling Ads

New users of the popular browser Mozilla Firefox may notice that, when booting up their browser for the first time, they’ll be greeted with a number of tiles that include “sponsored content.” That’s Mozilla’s fancy way of saying they’re now selling ads within their browser. This kind of defeats the purpose of their previously developed […]