Mad 4 Marketing believes in a strong integrated approach to marketing your business. One channel does not fit all, and we thrive on the strategy behind which services we recommend to our clients. To learn more about the services we provide, take our Services for a spin … literally! Click on any service below and watch it go.

Most well-known brands have a strong personality that comes through in everything they do. They evoke an emotional response, and that’s no accident! Driving down deep to get to the heart of your brand’s personality, values, and benefits is a crucial step in establishing your brand presence. At Mad 4 Marketing, we LOVE this stuff! Let us take you through our brand development process and ensure you build (or re-build) a strong brand presence in your business category.

Elevate your digital advertising strategy with a fully integrated approach that combines strong positioning–such as turning up at the top of search results or boosting your organic reach on social media–with analytics that ensure you’re always smartly targeting responsive audiences. Our digital team has the vision to consider a global presence and the smallest of screens at the same time; we know that today’s technology and scalability for tomorrow must go hand-in-hand. From monetized mobile apps to point-of-sale subscriptions, digital advertising is raw marketing power at its most refined. We’ve got the insights to put it to work for you.

No marketing strategy works better than the one that does the work for you. We’re big believers in utilizing software that streamlines your needs. Whether it’s managing your campaign, creating a pipeline for your workflow, scheduling posts, segmenting mailing lists, or analyzing customer behavior–we’re all for automating it. One of the most underused, easily automated outreach methods is email. From collecting data on your demographics, to tracking analytics, to learning what people love with A/B testing, email marketing provides a wealth of opportunities–besides being a consistent communication tool for eblasts, offers, newsletters, etc. If you don’t feel like you’re making the most of email, start by shooting us one:

When your company decides it’s time to step into the spotlight at a trade show or conference, you’ll want to make the most of your appearance. But that means more than a blowout and comfortable shoes. Ahead of the big day, you’ll be designing your booth and banners, creating handouts, and planning how you’ll stand out from other vendors. You’ll want to have keywords prepared for quick, engaging chats–while collecting info so you can follow up on those leads later. It’s best to already have notes drafted or gifts ordered so you can send them right away, before anyone forgets that great impression you made. With 25 years in the industry, we’ve got the 1-2-3 of event prep and follow-up down to, well, an art–and we’re happy to show and tell.

Whether you’re just starting out, rebranding, or seeking new audiences, you need standout collateral to promote your business and enhance brand awareness. From logo design to catchy taglines, sleek graphics to clever content, your assets all work together to tell your story. Once you lock in creative, you’ve got to get it out there. We’ve seen the success of man-on-the-ground, grassroots marketing–from attending industry conferences to sponsoring local events or volunteering with nonprofits that matter to your team. Because nothing resonates more than hearing positive testimonials from trusted friends. We know how to generate that buzz. But here’s what we love best: You can even have fun, and make a difference, while doing it.

If you aren’t on the Internet, do you even exist? It’s a question philosophers have debated since the dawn of time (or at least, digital timestamps). Needless to say, an attractive, informative, and user-friendly website can make or break any business. But a URL is just the beginning: You can’t simply exist online; you have to engage. Social media lets you locate your audience online and start a conversation. Strong data helps them learn more about you, too–giving you leads when they visit your pages (which they’ll find, obviously, through your fantastic SEO). It’s all part of having a dynamic web presence that works for you. And we’re here (present!) to help.

Traditions prevail for a reason: Our shared cultural values resonate deeply. Similarly, traditional advertising always makes an impact–even if the face of it changes with time. Whether it’s TV commercials (now seen on your computer screen) or radio ads (now heard on your podcast), the skills that go into selective media buying for airtime and ad space have only become more significant in the modern marketing sphere. But you can also make a big impact by reaching people in those brief moments away from the screen, whether it’s arriving in their mailbox at home or appearing on a sign they see every day on the way to work. In 25+ years, we’ve already seen incredible developments in traditional ads. Ask us what it means to your audience today.

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