Customer for a Day

My wife loves that new TV series, Undercover Boss, because she thinks it is high time that CEOs and company managers got out from behind their desks to see how things are really working on the front lines.  I couldn’t agree more. But honestly, isn’t this something that every CEO should be doing every year? […]

Newspapers Need Roll-up Strategy

It’s Monday morning. And as I do every morning, I pour myself a cup of Starbucks and sit down to read The Miami Herald. There was a time, 30 years ago, when the paper was thick and robust. Filled with ads, news stories, inserts, and the like. But like millions of Americans throughout the country, […]

Customer service. The elusive competitive advantage.

If you know anything about Zappos then you know that it’s a successful online retailer that built its brand not only by selling a great assortment of footwear, but by delivering an exceptional customer experience. Perhaps that’s why Amazon paid so much leather to buy them. Zappos proved that if you deliver winning customer service […]

Do restaurants risk losing adults while reaching for kids?

The following is an editorial blog by Stuart Dornfield. All comments and opposing views are welcome. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that restaurants in an attempt to get more families to dine out are “scrambling to counter a tendency by recession-pinched parents to leave their children at home when they go out to eat.”  […]