Interactive Marketing Trend: Corporate Blogging

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Why have we decided to start a blog?
Blogging is currently the most popular corporate social marketing trend, for many good reasons. Major corporations across the product and service spectrum such as Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Hewlett Packard, and many others have set up corporate blogs in order to communicate in a less formal fashion and connect on a personal level with their customers. Blogs can be structured in an infinite number of ways and the content of each blog is completely unique and customizable. The qualities most blogs share (especially when set up the right way) are as follows:

  • Blogs benefit a search engine optimization strategy by adding regularly updated content under the company domain
  • Blogs incorporate RSS feeds which enable readers to easily read recent posts without actually visiting the blog. Many social networking sites such as Facebook enable you to sync your blog via the RSS feed with your page on their site in order to extend the information to people within your network.

Blogging can turn your website into a valuable knowledge resource that customers turn to for regular updates on the company, products, and/or services.  If you are currently reading this blog about blogging, you can see exactly how effective this marketing medium can be. We invite you to come back and visit our blog regularly for weekly updates on the latest marketing and advertising trends or add our feed to your RSS feed syndicator.

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