Mobile Marketing is Here to Stay

Smart, sleek, compact, and inventive. No, we’re not describing the brand new Porsche Roadster. These words illustrate a new advertising medium: hospital mobile marketing.  Cell phones are an extension of human existence, like the high rise buildings, Tivo, and the computer.  They are personal assistants that fit in the palm of your hand with access to the internet, email, and countless other online applications.  They let you call a distant cousin in Europe in South Florida while on public transit.  They connect you to a world outside your own.

We at Mad 4 Marketing have seen the potential of this innovative market and realize that even in recessionary times such as these, cell phones that were once luxuries have become a necessity.  Everyone has one.  We believe campaigns that reflect the importance of mobile marketing are crucial.  Imagine receiving a mobile Starbucks coupon through your Gmail account on your iPhone.  Or an email from the Express clothing store stating there is a huge sale this week.  Jiffy Lube utilized a mobile coupon promotion and had a fifty percent rate of customer redemption. Mobile marketing is used to sell products successfully in all kinds of industries.  Whether you are marketing and education, healthcare, financial services or any other number of services start putting mobile marketing initiatives on your radar….or the to do list on your cell phone.

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