Mobile Healthcare Websites

Picture the bright ambiance of a hospital waiting room.  There are a handful of individuals seated awaiting the low pitched call of a nurse into the doctor’s sterile office.  Most of the patients look toward their cell phones, some making wistful swipes with their fingers while others type feverishly.  They share a common goal.  Finding alternative health information, diagnoses, and help online using their smart phones.  Cell phones contain the World Wide Web in a compact device.  The mobile internet has a whopping 2.1 million users.  Experts believe by 2012 more individuals will use mobile internet than those that use computers.  How many Healthcare providers or businesses actually use this medium? Out of 115 health systems 19% have a mobile websites while 43% have plans but have not initiated action.  A mobile website is simplified with content and links that make it easier and faster for users to use on their mobile phones.  These sites are cheap and efficient costing on average of 4,000$ and 62 internal hours to make.  So what is keeping so many healthcare centers from having a mobile site?  They believe it isn’t a priority for a healthcare center to have a one.  Many hospitals computer technicians engage in planning strategies, and documenting visits. To free up enough time for something, to them is not at the top of the totem pole, could be applied to other necessities needed for their prosperity online.

Building a website for mobile users is NOT a painstaking process.  When created correctly it can enhance web strategy, and broaden your patient base bringing your brand name to a higher level.  It accentuates your marketing activities and creates another outlet for marketing strategy.  Cell phones have become a virus only curable by harnessing its potency.  Marketing strategies push forward. Mobile websites are here to stay.

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