M4M Loves “Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings”

Have you checked out the latest series on the Independent Film Channel? It’s called “Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings,” in which two old childhood pals named (you guessed it), Rhett (McLaughlin) and Link (Neal) set out to provide local businesses with professional commercials they might not otherwise have been able to afford.

The hook is that Rhett and Link specialize in guerilla videos that are meant to have a slight humor and noticeable edge that will make them viable candidates for viral exposure. Once the commercials hit the air … and then the Net … they’re primed for sharing with others to get a good laugh and enjoy – while, of course, learning all about the deserving business in the region that’s being featured.

Two businesses in a chosen community are highlighted each episode. In the premiere, the duo visits two community pet businesses in need of a pick-me-up in terms of clientele. One is Super Shmuttle, a van which transports dogs to the bark to run and play while their owners are at work. The other is the Holiday Hotel for Cats, an unconventional boarding locale for cats where they’re indulged all day long with room to nap and climb and explore – and, importantly, given social attention from caring humans rather than being locked up in kennels while their owners are away. Benefiting lonely pets in the Los Angeles region, is it any wonder these were the two similarly themed businesses to which the commercial-making crew loaned their pro bono talents?

The TV series is based on the Web hit, “I Love Local Commercials.” For a limited time, you can check out clips and the first full episode of the series for free on Hulu.com. After you watch, be sure to come back and comment to let us know what you think!

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