Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool – Part 1

When you think about how to integrate social media websites into your marketing strategies, your mind probably turns to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even the new Google+ before it considers LinkedIn. This business site is one of the least interactive of all social media communities, with a reputation for being used only to seek jobs and post resumes online. But that doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked when you’re planning affordable advertising campaigns on the Net.

Here are a few easy tips for making the most of LinkedIn:

1. Make sure your employees all have updated profiles on LinkedIn. Your company is going to be represented by these faces and profiles, so you’ll want to encourage your team to set up accounts, post accurate information about your brand and then maintain their profiles. When potential clients and investors are looking up your company online, there’s a good chance that
LinkedIn pages are going to have a high standing on search engine results. Like any other form of marketing, it’s important to control your brand image and utilize the power of high-ranking websites to get your messages out. The best part is that your staff is probably linked to professionals who already
have an interest in your industry and would be keen on learning more.

2. Link these LinkedIn pages with other social media platforms. On top of having your employees denote their associate to your brand with icons and key messaging, you can actually use these sites to promote your company website. You can list your Facebook page, Twitter account and even sync up your RSS blog feed using the LinkedIn blogging application. Those visiting your employees’ and affiliates’ pages can find out how to easily learn more and register with all of your other interactive advertising efforts. Going one step further, you can promote company events and reach out with viral and guerilla marketing efforts straight through these several far-reaching pages.

3. Advertise on LinkedIn. Did you know that you can post ads directly on LinkedIn pages? Much like Facebook ads, these are customized to post on pages determined by your relevant key words and pages that relate to your industry. Use LinkedIn’s detailed demographics to reach the audience that will most likely be seeking your products and services. Depending on the size, exposure and click rate of your ad, rates vary. But you can control and customize your budget to suit your needs, using the feedback from analytics to determine where and how often your ad should be posted at what cost.

Ready to go all the way and create a specific profile just for your business? Check back next week for a more comprehensive look at Company Pages.

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