Twitter Marketing: When to Retweet (Part 3)

In the second part of our series about how to use retweeting as a tool for marketing, which we ran last week, we discussed how it’s convenient to add to your Twitter presence by merely retweeting someone else’s mention of you. This is an easy promotional tool that doesn’t require you to spend extra energy deriving unique tweets, while also somewhat boasting of your popularity and achievements.

But this week we’d like to mention that on the other end of the spectrum, some people are constantly retweeting messages about them. This has a connotation of “Look at me! Look at me!” and can be a big turn-off to your followers. Boasting about every time someone mentions you is akin to talking about yourself nonstop in real life. It’s important to pick and choose what messages are worth promoting. These would be messages that really reinforce and shape your brand, as well as those that provide pivotal information. If you want people to see every single tweet about you, it’s easy for followers to do with a simple search on Twitter.

One other thing to keep in mind when it comes to retweeting is that you want your Twitter account to be active (albeit not overbearing) throughout the day. To keep your stream of posts steady, even when you don’t particularly have anything new to announce, you can retweet inspirational messages, ideas, jokes, photos, articles or whatever else may be appropriate for your industry and readership. Sharing messages that already come into your feed throughout the day gives you an opportunity to be vocal with interesting, relevant posts that don’t take too much brainwork.

Last but not least, we recommend using a tweet management software like HootSuite. In terms of retweets, it can help you notice, archive and reference tweets about your brand. This will help you find the best mentions to retweet. Look for more information on how to use this valuable tool in the coming weeks.

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