6 Big Plusses to Google+ Marketing — Part 2

Last week we began talking about the perks of Google+ and how this social networking tool can be used to your marketing advantage. Here’s even more than you should know to make the most of it:

4. Google+ is as easy to use as any other social networking tool. If you can work Facebook and Twitter, then you can begin promoting your business on Google+. Many of the same rules apply, like remembering to keep your audience in mind, posting regularly, tagging other users and, yes, even using hashtags to help people locate your content if it’s relevant to their search queries. And, although it doesn’t necessarily have its own interface in the same way you envision, for example, Facebook’s CMS and news feed display, if you have a Gmail address you’re already halfway there. You can use your Gmail address to create an account, log in and begin linking your relevant searches, interests and key words. This is especially important because …
5. Authorship is important. When you’re publishing content through your Gmail-linked account, your profile for that account will also be on display. This is partially good because it means that people can quickly find your profile to learn more about you (and how to contact you), but it’s mostly imperative because it will put a picture of you (or an avatar, or an image, or your logo) next to the content you post. It’s true that people trust websites and content that’s been vetted by their friends and family — but they might also trust pages that are attached to a friendly face or familiar brand. And once they realize that they trust your authority, it’s very easy to browse a search page and pick out your pic from among a sea of links. Similar to this fact, that your Google+ authorship icon can make a big difference in clicks, you might have come to the correct conclusion that …
6. Visuals make all the difference. Some of the most popular accounts on Google+ are those that frequently show enticing imagery. Naturally, some businesses and brands lend themselves more to visuals. But it’s time to dig down and learn how to put what you do and who you are into captivating images. Remember, the more your content is promoted and shared, the more your company gains exposure through this vast social networking system. (Yes, videos also count, so start practicing your camera smiles and speaking voice.)

Convinced? Next week we’ll tell you how to get started with Google+ marketing.

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