April Fools’ Day Pranks in Marketing

Yesterday it was hard to believe anything you saw or heard. Clearly, even advertisements had to be taken with a grain of salt. But even though we were on high alert, we had to admit that we came across some genuinely amusing prank advertisements. Here are a few of the best, as rounded up by AdWeek:

  • Snack food brand Cheetos was allegedly creating a perfume brand called Cheeteau, which smells like — well, you can guess.
  • Both Reddit and Twitter had spoofs about incorporating a few function that lets you post or interact with the websites by bobbing your head. Look ma, no hands!
  • Samsung, Toshiba AND HTC all actually released ads about new tech gloves that let you wear your mobile device on your hands (along with other futuristic features).
  • Movie rental center RedBox said it would release a new feature that helped you select a movie based on your current mood.
  • Dominos advertised a new packaging technique that involved making pizza boxes out of pizza dough, to maximize your snacking experience and minimize waste.
  • Legos said that soon it would be adding a special feature to its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy kit: real turtles who would deliver the Legos to your door on their backs.
  • Tumblr said it would debut a new feature that lets you automatically add top hats to your favorite photos.
  • Our local favorite, Publix Subs, got some traction with an article going around saying that the grocery store chain would be opening independent sandwich shops to compete with the likes of Subway. This one is probably the saddest too-good-to-be-true prank of them all.
  • And Google, Google Maps, Google Chrome and Google Japan all released independent pranks, ranging from “shelfies” (shared selfies) to insta-celeb-photobombs to a Pokemon-inspired tournament to win a job with Google. But we’ll let you look those up on your own, because they’re too good to miss!

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