4 Tips to Solicit Testimonies

Testimonials are golden nuggets of marketing. They build credibility, reinforce trust, and provide social proof. People love to see them…but they’re less excited to provide them.

So how do you encourage your vendors, customers, and clients to share their experiences?

Here are four effective strategies:

1.     Make It Easy: Simplify the process of leaving a testimonial. Whether it’s a feedback form on your website or a direct link in an email, the fewer steps involved, the better. And consider your audience: Younger people tend to prefer leaving voice notes to typing out their responses, but they don’t enjoy the phone. Adults over 50 years old may prefer the telephone. Figuring out how and where people would like to communicate will allow you to provide options that are ”easy” for your own audiences.

2.     Offer Incentives: Sometimes, a little motivation goes a long way. Offer discounts, freebies, or entry into a contest as a “thank you” for their time and effort. (Once again, consider that your audience may dictate what the reward should be to motivate them. Younger people may want to understand how it will be used and the value of their time. Some audiences might only respond to a direct transactional payoff.)

3.     Timing Is Key: Request a testimonial when the positive experience is fresh in their minds. This could be right after a purchase, at the conclusion of a service, or following a successful project.

4.     Personalize the Ask: A personalized request can make a big difference. Address them by name, mention specific details about their experience, and express how much their feedback would mean to you and future customers. (As a bonus, this might inspire them to be extra specific in their response, as well. That’s always useful for a review, feedback, or a testimonial.)

Implementing these tips can significantly increase your chances of receiving heartfelt, genuine testimonials. With patience and a little creativity, you’ll build a collection of testimonials that will bolster your business’s reputation and appeal. Mad 4 Marketing can not only help you collect these responses but display them prominently and strategically on your website and social channels. Let’s get started.

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