How to Create Webinars That Actually Pay Off

In our last blog post, we discussed the rising popularity of webinars for business. They’re an entertaining and engaging way to share ideas and connect with new audiences. But they do require a lot of time and energy to produce high-quality webinars that will actually attract viewers and produce ROI. So, before you get started, […]

Importance of Webinars in 2020

Remember when podcasts came out of nowhere and became the “next big thing”? Maybe your company even temporarily went crazy for video content. Well it’s no surprise that these channels have fully merged into one of the surging marketing trends of the year: webinars. Sure, they’ve been around for years in various forms, so why […]

3 Tips to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2020

Have you heard? We are no longer in the age of the influencer. We are moving ever more steadily to the purest of forms: the age of the customer.  U.S. companies are losing up to $62 billion a year due to bad customer experiences, according to a 2016 report by New Voice Media. That means […]

Should You Be Collecting Customer Feedback?

It can be scary to think about collecting customer feedback. You might not like what you find out. Once you launch an initiative like this, you’ll have to report the findings. But what’s the point of collecting customer feedback if the only people doing this kind of thing are companies who already feel confident that […]

Diversify Your Paid Ad Strategy on Social Media

Most companies are advertising on Facebook. It’s been around a long time, it’s a familiar interface, and it’s very easy to both place new ads and analyze their performance. But even if they’re seeing a higher-than-average “return on ad spend” (ROAS), that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t explore other places to advertise on more niche social […]

Email Marketing: 5 Tips for Click-Worthy Subject Lines

When it comes to email marketing, an eye-catching subject line is essential. Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing with promotional emails, so it’s important that your email stands out.The best part? It doesn’t take a content guru or tech genius to maximize your results. You can make a big impact on your open rates with relatively simple […]

What’s the Right Amount of Reach?

How do you know when you’re reaching the right amount of people? How do you know that you’re reaching them in the right ways? Some companies try the “overkill” approach. They’ll basically gather as many leads as possible and blanket them with advertising. (You probably have one of these culprits sitting in your inbox right […]

How Much of Your Budget Is Spent on Invisible Costs?

Recently, the executives at Kraft Heinz admitted that they haven’t been spending their marketing budget wisely. Upon analysis, they learned that they’ve been spending too much money on invisible parts of the marketing process—such as production fees and hiring contractors—rather than creating and sharing a great ad. The CEO summarized that they need to: “Invest […]

Can You Change Your Customer’s Mind?

Sometimes marketers get stuck in the same tracks. You might keep doing the same thing because it works for you. But what happens when it no longer works for your customers? When this happens, many marketers simply give up on the customers that fall outside of their anticipated patterns of behavior. Truthfully, you can lose […]

Hot Summer Tip: Longer Days, Shorter URLs

Summertime means longer days–but also shorter URLs. During long, hot summer days, your audience has an even shorter attention span than usual. It’s important to quickly catch their eye and make an impression. You don’t want them to see a long, intimidating URL. For example, instead of leading new customers to (42 characters long) […]