6 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023 – Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the big trends that might affect marketing outcomes in the year to come. Many of these are related to technological innovations, from minor algorithm updates to radical transformations based on new discoveries, product launches, consumer trends, and more.

Here, we continue sharing our 6 Trends in Marketing for 2023:

4) Continued Focus on Inclusivity – Delivering meaningful, balanced, inclusive representation is going to be just as important as it ever was. But how do we do it meaningfully in 2023? Right now, you can hardly glance at the comments on a social media post—much less an ad—without seeing people critiquing a blind spot when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility. (For example: Why do you only use skinny models in your ads? Why isn’t there an option to change the coloring or fonts to make the copy more legible for those with limited vision on your website?) There is no room for error; one mess-up can get people to turn their backs on beloved brands in droves. Looking ahead, you want to make sure you’re considering the perspective of people of different races, ages, body types, abilities, genders, sexual preferences, cultural backgrounds, and more. Additionally, you should advocate for others to do the same and make these values and commitments present in your brand materials.

5) Modernizing the Customer Experience – One thing happened to us recently that really got us thinking about the customer experience. A team member’s work phone screen cracked. Thankfully, that’s covered under warranty. However, to fix it, they needed us to mail the phone in and then wait for it to be fixed and sent back. The phone company did not offer replacement phones. They just expected us to go without our work phone for several days. As marketers, this struck us as extremely odd! Surely, in 2023, there must be a better and more competitive way to offer customer service. It certainly wasn’t what we expected when we bought several expensive phones and when we paid our monthly insurance fees on time, every month! These little things can completely change how people feel about your brand. It’s time to analyze what small changes can bring your customer service and customer experience into 2023. Or even 2030—because why just keep up when you can get ahead of the game?

6) Dynamic Content – Content is still going to be king in 2023. But how people engage with it continues to change, in unbelievable ways. News stories get more traction when they include video elements, voice elements, and interactive infographics (like searchable maps). One of the top websites with Gen Z is called Quizlet, because it lets young people learn and discover through fun quizzes instead of stagnant, one-way information delivery systems, like reading a chapter. (It’s basically the Buzzfeed of learning, to translate for the Millennials out there…) Consider how your marketing concepts—everything from microsites to case studies—can be shared with your audience in the most dynamic ways possible, even in multiple ways, to ensure people are getting excited to engage with it.

We hope that these insights will help you make the best decisions with your marketing strategy in the months ahead! For custom insights, reach out to the team at Mad 4 Marketing. With our finger on the pulse of the industry for over three decades, our specialty is real-time, data-informed marketing decisions for our clients.

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