No Joke—It’s Been 31 Years!

Q: How many marketers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: None. They’ve automated it.

At Mad 4 Marketing, a sense of humor has been a key to our success for three decades. We also credit a strong work ethic and our four-step process:

  • Think Like Your Customer
  • Think Strategically
  • Think Creatively
  • Think Results

However, our ability to have fun at work and regard one another as fully-rounded people (not just high-performing professionals) has given us the chance to be more relaxed, more communicative, and more collaborative. All of this fosters a culture of trust, creativity, and true friendship. And that translates to the work itself: It’s stronger because it’s driven by everyone’s passion (not their workplace obligations).

And it’s informed by the very best ideas. We believe that good ideas can come from any member of the team, at any time—no one is relegated to just one specialty area or role.

First, we brainstorm together; then, we take the best concepts to the client. We refuse to get stuck in patterns or past ways of thinking. We innovate and iterate with the aim of finding the right solutions—with the understanding that “right” might change (and is definitely different for every client and campaign). Being in business for over three decades has also meant changing with the times: flexible, open-minded, and willing to learn. In the digital age, this skill has been essential. It’s allowed our team to not only stay competitive—but thrive—in all aspects of technology and media (non-traditional) marketing.

These are just a few of the ways we’ve delivered results for our clients time and again.

And while we’re thrilled to come into work every day, after all this time, with a smile on our face—or find a way to put one there—if there’s one thing we’ll always take seriously, it’s our gratitude to our clients and partners for joining us on this journey.

Thank you for brightening our path to success for 31 years!

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