Workshop Your Marketing Event

When preparing for a new marketing event such as a sales pitch, convention, seminar, trade show or demonstration, it is always a good idea to pause about three-quarters of the way through (when you still have time to make significant changes) and reevaluate your ideas. You’ve already brainstormed once, when you chose to attend your […]

5 Key Tips for Sales Prospecting

Many businesses dread the idea of marketing their wares through sales prospecting, such as cold calls and blind mailings. And they should, because the first mistake is thinking of sales prospecting as its own solution, rather than a strategy which paves the way for future marketing endeavors. Sales prospecting is not a way to tell […]

How Social Media Can Harm Your Business and Brand

By now we’re all aware of the incredible impact that social media can make in terms of brand awareness, promotions, sales and networking. However, social media is a dual-edged blade. With ongoing open access across the globe, the same lines of communication that you’ve opened to strengthen your business may become potential avenues for brand […]

New Marketing Strategies for the New Year

Did you meet all of your marketing goals in 2009? Or were there areas where you saw room for improvement? Now is the time to analyze previous successes—and failures—to determine new marketing strategies for 2010. The past year has been a rocky time for businesses across the board. And in times of economic uncertainty, it’s […]

Advertising in the Procurement Age

Mad 4 Marketing, like all agencies today, is evolving its RFP processes to successfully communicate with Procurement departments in addition to the marketing and advertising executives we’ve traditionally worked with. The recessive economy has forced companies to try and do more with less. That creates a cost driven emphasis that creates concern. The core question […]

Seasonal Advertising: Pros & Cons

Every year, businesses put aside a heft of their marketing budget for “in-season” advertising. In Florida, the peak tourist season spans from approximately December to March, when snowbirds head south for winter. Consumerism increases, and companies reach out to the influx of eyes and ears (and wallets) with targeted seasonal advertising. And that’s a great […]

Get the Most from Your Marketing: Team Up

One way to make your marketing go a long way is to partner up with a complementary business to create a mutually beneficial campaign. Recently, Mad 4 Marketing was invited to participate in a series of seminars hosted at Regent Bank sites throughout South Florida. By participating in these seminars, Mad 4 Marketing was able […]

Exploitive Marketing in a Tough Economy

The January 5th, 2009 cover of the New Yorker magazine humorously illustrates the dilemma of practicing positive and enlightened marketing during times of economic crisis, when the obvious temptation is to pander to the fears of clients and their customers. We’ve seen the “Recession Sale!” and the “Bailout Prices” and other exploitive triggers used by […]