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Award Season


Award Season
A little tact goes a long way when boasting about your big wins.

It’s the height of awards season, from the Golden Globes and Grammys to the Emmys and Oscars. And that has us thinking about the merits of awards–and how to show them off.

Each industry has its own gold standard of excellence, with a handful of different ways your business can be ranked or recognized. And when we earn one of those coveted positions, it’s only natural to want to tell the world about it.

But you don’t necessarily want to come off as cocky, which is often the quickest way to turn off your potential customer base. So what’s the best way to advertise your collective titles, trophies, and other significant merits?

Here are a few ways to do it with the right amount of tact but just enough boasting to be sure the message reflects your pride and reaches a wide audience.

1. Casual contact. The easiest way to directly share news of your award wins, without making a big fuss that might be off-putting, is to do it casually. One thing you should always do is keep an updated list of honors on your website, like on the About Us page. You can let people know that the page has been updated with some exciting news and let them discover that awards have been added. Or, you can add the news as a regularly scheduled blog post or part of a newsletter, so it’s not an extra effort just to talk about yourself. Updating social media albums with photos from the event, with your team accepting the award, and things like that, follow the same public but more passive model.

2. Reshare praise. Social media’s a great place to share your wins with your followers, but instead of posting a congratulations to your own company or staff, another strategy is to wait for an affiliate to name winners on their account or post photos from the award ceremony. Then you can simply share other people’s congrats or thank them for the love. For bonus points, congratulate those your were nominated alongside and the winners of other categories, who will be likely to do the same for you, creating an even wider love fest for greater attention and likes!

3. Give thanks. When showing off your award, thank your current customers and clients for helping to make the award possible. It’s true that you couldn’t be successful without them, so it’s a great chance to reach out and say so–while also drawing a little well-deserved attention to the new trophy, plaque, or title. (If you actually get the fun moment to step up to a podium or send in a paragraph of acknowledgments, like to a trade magazine, it’s always nice to call out specific people you work with often, in addition to your loyal supporters and business partners, too!)

The most important takeaway is that it’s not only OK, but important, to share your triumphs and awards with clients and customers. When it’s fitting, it’s perfectly fine to just send out an announcement about what honor you’ve earned! At the end of the day, people do want to be on the side of winners–and they’ll want to work with brands who take pride in what they do and all that they achieve.

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