Mad 4 Marketing has landed on Twitter

We are happy to announce that Mad 4 Marketing has its own page on Twitter: Please “follow us” on Twitter to get the latest updates on marketing trends, education and news. Opening up a Twitter account can really help you build inbound links to your web site. An inbound link is a link to […]

Make your brand come to life with Twitter

Many companies are taking advantage of the ever popular and free of charge social media mountain known as Twitter.  Although Twitter is not exactly the Mount Everest known as Facebook, it is approaching Appalachian heights with its ecosystem of microblogging. So what is Twitter?  People sign up for an account, obtain followers and create a […]

Email Marketing 101

The best asset in a bad economy is an existing customer database, which can be maintained and built through email marketing. Mad 4 Marketing has obtained some of the best practices for effectively using email marketing. Email is great for conversion and retention marketing, but not that good for acquisition. It should be used as […]

Google now offers behaviorally targeted advertising

As we’re all aware, typing a keyword into Google not only displays the most relevant information in the organic search, it also displays the most relevant ads targeted towards those keywords.  We are so accustomed to getting exactly what we are seeking on the internet, thanks to Google. Now Google is making online advertising even […]

Improving Call to Action on Your Website

Whether it’s the primary purpose or just an opportunistic afterthought, virtually every website you open is selling something to somebody (or trying to). How successful the solicitation pretty much comes down to one factor: the website’s call to action. If you can enhance your website’s call to action to its maximum efficiency, you’re going to […]

Beware of Information Overload on Your Homepage!

Many companies put entirely too much information on their homepage because they have heard that it is good for Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, it is not only a bad SEO practice, but it also scares away any visitors that reach their website. People go to the web looking for easy access, speedy and to-the-point information.  […]