Email Marketing 101

The best asset in a bad economy is an existing customer database, which can be maintained and built through email marketing. Mad 4 Marketing has obtained some of the best practices for effectively using email marketing.

Email is great for conversion and retention marketing, but not that good for acquisition. It should be used as a marketing medium for people already in the prospect cycle.

Because people get so many emails everyday, the content of your email should be valuable.  You do not want your message to get lost in the shuffle. The quality of the message and relevance is very important. People will unsubscribe after 1-2 irrelevant messages. Also, emailing too often can cause the user to consider your emails irrelevant. Good eMarketers get more information from their list to determine what the user is interested in and then provide appropriate information to segmented portions of their list.

Once you successfully get the user’s contact information, do not wait too long to contact them. Because people’s attention spans are so short, you should send them an immediate thank you email. You do not want to fall out of top of their mind.

Another good practice is to engage the user with interesting tidbits and then take the user to your website. Also, personalize the email, so they are less likely to unsubscribe.

There are many advantages to using email marketing.  Below is a list of the top advantages:

  • Contact Database: Most e-blasts contain a form to capture the user’s contact information. This information is sent to a database providing an active contact list in which advertisers can continue or begin sending more communication to the user.
  • Low Cost: Email marketing is less expensive than other traditional media such as print, TV and radio.
  • Tracking: You can directly track exactly how many people have read or taken an action by clicking through on your email, which gives you a precise return on investment.
  • Green: Since email marketing does not require paper, it is safer for the environment than printed direct mail.

Please contact Mad 4 Marketing to discuss new and innovative ways we are using email marketing to increase sales and brand awareness for our many clients.

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