How to Make an Eye-Catching Instagram Grid

If your company has its own Instagram, the first thing to ask is…why?

Did you feel like it was just something you had to do? Do you have a vision for how your brand will translate to such a visual medium? And a regular posting schedule? 

A lot of companies don’t think it all through, they just slap things up when it occurs to them. They’re easy to spot, because when you look at their grids, well, it’s a mess. There’s no comprehensive voice or perspective or statement when you look at the posts as a gestalt.

The good news is — that’s an easy mistake to avoid. You can even retroactively touch up your Instagram grid. And this blog is about making it a little prettier so that if someone does happen to check out your page, they’re intrigued by what they see and feel like getting to know your brand even better (perhaps, even, by making a purchase). Or, at the very least, you’ll have a new follower and the chance to develop a deeper connection later! 

An appealing Instagram grid is a visual representation of your brand’s story, style, and identity. Here’s how to create an Instagram grid that not only catches the eye but also captivates your audience:

  1. Start with a cohesive theme or style. This could be a consistent color palette, a particular type of content, or a recurring subject matter. A unified look helps your grid look organized and professional. Tools like color scheme generators can help you choose a palette that resonates with your brand.
  1. Quality is key. Ensure that each photo is high-resolution and well-composed. This might mean investing in a professional photographer or software for editing…but it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Just be sure that each image can stand strong on its own (stop the scroll) while contributing to the overall aesthetic of the grid (invite the follow).
  1. Plan your posts. Apps like Plann or Later allow you to preview your grid before posting. This planning ensures that your posts are balanced and visually appealing. Consider alternating between different types of content – close-ups, landscapes, text-based posts – to create an engaging rhythm in your grid.
  1. Incorporate storytelling. Each row of images or each set of nine-grid squares can tell a part of your brand’s story. Think about how each image interacts with the ones touching it from every side, and what story they collectively tell. Progressions are always particularly engaging for the eye and the emotions. Repetition tends to bore.

Lastly: Consistency is key to keeping your audience engaged and your grid looking cohesive. To keep your posts looking stunning on a schedule, consider outsourcing to the social media team at Mad 4 Marketing.

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