Have Mobile Users Had Their Fill of Apps?

Today, it seems like everyone has an app. Chipotle has an app. Your dog groomer has an app. Want to see your favorite website from 2004? Too bad, now you need to log on to the app.

Does your company need its own app? Maybe—but it’s very possible that you don’t. 

That’s because people are getting a little overwhelmed with all of the apps they’re required to use just to order lunch or get from Point A to Point B. 

Because of this, apps are more rigidly rated: Good luck getting 5 stars, if you can convince people to take the time to give you a rating at all! And they’re competitive. Not just in the tech sense, but in a very personal one: When someone’s phone memory starts to fill up, whose app will be the first one they delete?

So when do you need an app versus when you should pour your resources into other products?

Your company might need its own app if:

  • There are functions or services of your company that could be streamlined and delivered more effectively outside of your website or other existing platforms
  • Your customers or clients would benefit from real-time notifications about products and services
  • Your customers or clients would benefit from location-based information (like your nearest location) when finding services and products to match their right-now needs
  • It would help you stand out from your competitors
  • It seems like something your audience wants and would use!

You might want to focus your resources elsewhere if:

  • Your audience is not very tech-savvy
  • You aren’t sure about the laws governing privacy and data-gathering for apps
  • You aren’t sure if you have the budget or the team to launch and manage an app
  • You aren’t sure it would be very different from your current website
  • You’re only doing it because you think, “Everybody else has an app!”

But if you do decide that an app is something you’d like to explore—or if you’d like to do a deeper dive to learn which choice is right for you—feel free to reach out to the digital marketing and product development experts on the team at Mad 4 Marketing.

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