Looking to Take Your Services From Local to Global?

When small businesses start looking to grow, they often start by thinking about increasing their number of sales per customer or customers per day. Just boosting transactions without modifying their model too much seems like a safe way to pull in some extra profit.  It might be. But if that small business model relies primarily […]

Marketing Errors We Can’t Stop Seeing in 2022!

There are a few big mistakes you’re making. Yes, you. We have to assume it’s true, because there are a few big marketing errors that keep turning up everywhere. So the odds just happen to be very good that you’re making at least one or two of them.  These errors? Many have been around for […]

Social Media Marketing for Non-Beginners

If you know nothing about social media marketing, you’re in luck. There are plenty of tutorials, webinars, and forums that will introduce you to the basics. And if you feel like you’re already an expert, then you’re probably not Googling information that will take your knowledge to the next level. You might need to look […]

Top Marketing Trends for 2022

We recently shared our roundup of dominant marketing trends from 2021. When they were put side-by-side, it made the year seem less chaotic and revealed some patterns about how professional marketers are dealing with overarching issues like “The Great Resignation” and, of course, our latest developments with the pandemic, which impacts every industry and business. […]

Year in Review: The Biggest Marketing Trends of 2021

It was another unique year, with unpredictable pacing and creative challenges for marketers in every specialty and sector. Some people thrive on rising to those challenges, but we can understand teams who prefer a steady strategy and a well-planned road forward, as well. Sometimes, everything makes a little more sense when you can look back […]

The Next Step in Eye-Catching Decks

There’s no denying the power of persuasive visuals, from animated videos to grab-worthy brochures. But today, it’s understood that the rule also extends to graphs and charts and layouts. When you’re presenting data, it needs to look amazing—or you’ll never hold someone’s attention long enough to actually explain the impressive takeaways that your slides reflect. […]

Showing Gratitude Through Good Work

At Mad 4 Marketing, we have a lot to be thankful for … and at this time of year, we always take a moment to count our many blessings. Those include our friends, our family, our clients, our partners, our many successes (both personal and professional), and the new strengths we discovered each time we […]

How to Make the Most of E-Commerce Trends After the Pandemic

In our previous post, we shared some insights about how e-commerce trends have changed during the first year of the pandemic.  Consumers are not only continuing to shop online, but they’re also now likely to embrace digital discounts and e-coupons. In fact, savvy shoppers are seeking out the best prices before committing (perhaps due to […]

How Did the Pandemic Change E-Commerce?

We’ve taken part in a lot of conversations about how the pandemic is shifting shopping trends. Some of the changes were obvious and undeniable. Others were temporary or speculative.  Now, it’s over a year since the pandemic significantly changed people’s habits and their ways of thinking. It’s a great time to revisit perception, surveys, and […]

The Best Marketing “Tricks” and “Treats” of 2021

This year, marketers faced challenges unlike any they’d probably ever encountered before. And while that might have caused some stress from time to time, it also allowed experts to flex their creative muscles and learn a few new tricks. And with Halloween right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to share those […]