Looking to Take Your Services From Local to Global?

When small businesses start looking to grow, they often start by thinking about increasing their number of sales per customer or customers per day. Just boosting transactions without modifying their model too much seems like a safe way to pull in some extra profit. 

It might be.

But if that small business model relies primarily on local foot traffic and neighborhood regulars, then frankly, there’s a finite amount of growth that’s even possible. 

We understand, though: It seems practical and manageable; it seems safe. It seems sane.

You know what sounds a little more loco? Going glocal. 

“Glocal” marketing is a cheeky way of talking about a clever but ultimately simple strategy: Targeting a much larger—let’s say international—audience, by using the local techniques that a small business (let’s say you) would have already mastered. 

So, hey, if you’ve already got those coveted skills, instead of using them to just try and reach more people in your own backyard, why not flip the script and do the same thing and reach people in backyards anywhere, everywhere?

A huge company might use this tactic to target markets all around the world by applying the same broad plan to various hyperlocal markets, tailoring approaches and materials and promotions slightly to each region. 

One example might be a movie promotion; it’s being released around the world, but maybe the release dates are a little different or the movie poster is a little different. But the strategy: Tease the trailer, do a premiere with the stars, open in all the big movie houses, and promote reviews in papers the next day…that’s basically still the same everywhere.

You can do that, too. 

You don’t have to go from “baby steps” to “world domination” right away. Maybe you want to try a statewide or even national marketing plan, first. And we can help you speculate on what that would look like, what would be involved (and if it actually asked much more from you than attempting to wring more cash from your existing consumer pool), and what your possible return would be at each level. You might discover that you’re ready to take a much bigger leap than you anticipated, without much extra lift. But you’ll never know until you explore the possibilities. 

We look forward to helping you explore the strategies that help you make the most of the talents and resources you already have at your disposal—and take the next step for your small business.

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