Step-by-Step: Creating Google Alerts

Last week we talked about why and how Google Alerts is an important tool when it comes to brand marketing and management. So now are you ready to try it out?

Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit

2. There are five forms to fill out:

Search query (the word or phrase as you’d want it searched – with correct spelling and punctuation; Google search tools apply, so use “ “ around your phrase for an identical match)
Result type (such as videos, blogs, news, etc.)
How often (you can choose daily, weekly or as it happens and get periodic round-ups from an automated scope of the Web)
How many (you can choose from only the best results (best matches, newest, most relevant) or all results)
Deliver to (this is your e-mail address; if you choose “as it happens” and expect a lot of results, you may want to create a label, filter or unique e-mail address to receive your alerts to keep from cluttering your inbox)

3. Next you hit “Create Alert” and you’re brought to a page saying that you’ll receive the e-mail for confirmation before the alerts begin.

4. When you receive the confirmation e-mail (which should happen pretty immediately), you just have to click a link that says “Verify” and you’re all set. Just be sure you don’t click the link under it, which is to cancel your alert!

5. Now you should start receiving any relevant notices as soon as they happen. You can visit the same website and click “Manage Alerts” anytime to change your settings. Accuracy and effectiveness may take some tinkering but are worth the more specific matches to satisfy your searches.

Setting up and monitoring Google Alerts is just one of the services that comes along with our website development, social media management, search engine optimization and interactive marketing. Let us know if you have any other questions about how to amplify and administrate your presence online!

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