How Can I Make the Best Radio Commercial? Part 2

Last week, we started out with three top tips for making a radio commercial that will concisely and entertainingly translate your company’s message to the masses. Here are another three useful “sound bites” for your consideration:

4. Get creative. This often comes down to the creative content, i.e., the script and sound. You might want a memorable jingle, a unique catchphrase or whip-smart dialogue. Comedy and music often go a long way when it comes to audio-only advertising. But these tactics might also not necessarily be right for you. You want to be sure your radio ad matches your predetermined marketing image. It should coordinate with any of your preexisting marketing strategies so it can all come across as part of one comprehensive campaign.

5. Add a call to action. Now that you’ve grabbed their interest, what’s next? Remember to add an incentive to buy or react immediately after hearing your ad. Should they call in or stop by for a special offer? Is there something specifically timely about your ad? Those who are interested just need a reason to react, so by all means don’t forget to give them one!

6. Try it out. Nothing is more valuable than honest feedback. Set up trials to have objective audiences – specifically, those you’re hoping to target – and consider their input and opinions before the ad airs. Consider that further writing, recording and editing may be in order once a radio commercial is first considered “complete.” If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
Are there any radio ads that you absolutely love or abhor? Drop us a comment!

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