The Role of Music in Marketing

Music’s impact on a listener’s mood and its ability to impact their psychology has long been recognized—and, before it was empirically studied, we can only imagine that our earliest human ancestors understood this important interplay between music and emotion, intuitively. But the way that music is applied to marketing is a little bit more mysterious. […]

Customizing Digital Marketing in a Privacy-Driven Climate

Personalization is a double-edged blade for marketers. On one side, you want to fully understand your users and deliver the most customized experience possible in order to address their needs. On the other, concerns about data security and privacy protection can make it difficult to thoughtfully collect the information that you need in order to […]

A.I. for Creative

We’ve recently talked about using A.I., like ChatGPT, for copywriting. But now we want to explore another way to use artificial intelligence in marketing—through visual art.  Maybe you’re one of those people who loathes stock images and tries to avoid them. In that case, you might actually enjoy the idea of quickly creating never-before-seen art […]

Reputation Management: What Are You Missing?

Do you know how your brand is perceived by the general public? Is that different from how it’s perceived by your target audiences? Is it the way you’d like it to be perceived? Do you easily follow shifts in attitude toward your company, products, or services? Do you notice dips and surges in popular opinion, […]

The Perils of Letting Budget Dictate Your Marketing Plans

Ideas are never in short supply. When marketing plans fall short, it’s typically a matter of being able to execute on those ideas (or a matter of choosing the right ideas in the first place). For many people, these decisions come down to a matter of budget. You might think that must mean that there […]

Should You Use AI to Optimize Customer Service?

Try as it might, artificial intelligence hasn’t managed to fully replace real people when it comes to customer service. In fact, customers continue to report frustration when they’re forced to engage with chatbots in the course of seeking assistance online. Interestingly enough, however, people are not as bothered when they have to click categories and […]

Tips for Befriending Your Competitors

It might sound baffling to suggest befriending a rival business. It’s certainly uncommon in smaller markets where just a handful of companies are competing for all customers. In those cases, the question is: Why? The very idea of friendship implies trust. But in business, it’s important to guard strategic plans and trade secrets. You don’t […]

3 Quick Tips for Pretty and Persuasive Marketing Decks

Whether you’re making an important internal presentation to colleagues or external presentation to potential clients, a good set of slides can make or break you. That’s true no matter how good your pitch is or how polished your talking points might be. And it’s even more pertinent now, when so much work is done long-distance, […]