Have an Eco-Fabulous Holiday Season this Year!

Ok, ok, it’s the holiday season and it would be easy to excuse wasted paper for that reason only, but why not consider the environment and go paperless this season by sending holiday E-cards to your friends and loved ones. Not only are they green but they are free as well! And what’s more, they can also go out to people you wouldn’t normally waste a stamp on, making you richer, kinder and more popular!

And while you’re at it, why not make your E-card nature-themed? There are plenty of E-cards out there geared towards nature and conservation. What better way to share and show your love of nature and the environment with everyone on your list this year? For more ideas, visit http://www.nature.org/

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, Mad 4 Marketing went green this season. Not only did we save the planet by sending out an electronic Evite to our holiday party, but we will be sending Holiday E-cards as well. That’s doubly green! And it means taking advantage of the newest technology available to us. Aren’t we smart?

“It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season and forget about keeping things simple, safe and eco-friendly,” said Kristine Brabson, editor of Ecologue.com. “But not only are our tips and ideas good for the environment, but they’re easy on the wallet, too – a definite plus these days.”

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