Why is Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) bad for web browsing?

For years, many debates have surfaced about IE 6 and its inability to support web 2.0 technologies. These arguments have turned toward reality as we are seeing more and more agencies turn away from developing sites for IE 6. The reason for this change has come at a time where web browsing is at its all-time high.

So why is IE 6 bad for web browsing?

Since its release eight years ago, web technology has dramatically changed. Websites are now designed for a certain web standard, which involves more JavaScript, flash and action script that IE 6 cannot support. Google, Yahoo and other large interactive companies have stopped supporting it, because it causes 20% more time and work to develop and does not support some much-loved features (such as tab browsing). In addition, the CSS support is problematic, and the JavaScript support is proprietary nonsense. These issues result in broken sites and a bad experience for the user.

Why do people still use IE 6 for browsing?

Research shows that people who still use Internet Explorer 6 are content with it, because it was pre-installed when the computer was purchase. Or, they don’t feel like seeking out upgraded or new browsers. These types of inconsistencies with users have caused headaches for web developers and interactive agencies for years. What adds fuel to the fire for web developers is that Microsoft has released two new versions both capable of running any website, not to mention other browsers like Firefox or Safari.

At Mad 4 Marketing, we support a better user experience while browsing the web. If you or someone you know is using an older browser, point them in the right direction. The latest Internet browsers are free to download, and they offer an extensive amount of plug-ins and add-ons to better enhance your Internet browsing experience.

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