Google Geared to Launch New Features

Google has taken a long, hard look at its rising competition (and at the long distance it has to fall from its top-ranking slot as a search-engine-cum-online-empire) and decided to add a new line of features to its search tool arsenal. Mad 4 Marketing considers the upcoming add-ons and how they can help you better use Google as your go-to Internet resource:

1. Rich Snippets – These summaries will provide further information about any given search result, reducing the amount of wasted clicks per search, and helping browsers more efficiently identify which result is right for them.

2. Google Squared – This option creates not only a list of links, but a table which sorts and compares provided information. Google account holders will be able to edit and save this information for later reference.

3. Advanced Search Options – A panel to the side of your search results will open and allow searchers to narrow their results by specific query data such as date and genre. Multiple viewing options will also be available, such as a “wonder wheel” option that allows users to view search results in a circle, rather than a list.

All in all, online advertising experts seem to agree that it’s beneficial to us (the end user) when search engine technology developers are challenged to provide newer, faster and better options. Competition in the marketplace will undoubtedly provide web browsers with an enhanced search experience, more accurate results and more choices overall. Google’s newest search engine features should all be available by the end of summer.

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