Healthcare Messages to the Target Audience

The target audience is what drives the marketing campaign into prosperity or destruction.  They can either shell out the cash for a drug prescription, or throw it out an open window because of faulty marketing.  The main question the consumer asks is “So, what do I get out of this?” Well that’s elementary my dear marketer.

Examples or stories, like patient testimonials, scream credibility to the consumer. Using the experience of an actual customer in your message shows that other people have experienced your company’s services and have positive feedback, therefore enhancing the organization’s credibility.  Focus on the benefits of what the organization provides and not their features.  In other words reveal what the customer will receive not what you offer.

Healthcare providers who have a longstanding career in healthcare communicate longevity in their heritage.  This tells potential patients that they can rely on them for the long haul.  Healthcare has a plethora of long words, with infinite syllables, and meanings.  Be concise and clear to harbor a large audience.  Create messages around the lifestyle of your audience.  If your hospital is a multi hospital system, explain it in a way that includes your audience like ‘here in metropolitan Chicago.” This encompasses them in the big picture.  Your hospital’s mission and values are important.  Highlight what employees are doing to implement hospital-wide goals.  So what’s in it for the audience? Whatever they desire.

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