Importance of Point of Sale Advertising

“Simply stated, point of purchase is where the action is.” – RJ Reynolds Tobacco

It’s only fitting that this strong marketing quote comes from tobacco powerbrand RJ Reynolds. Tobacco companies are currently under the gun about point of sale (POS — also known as point of purchase or POP) advertising to children, which is not banned under current guidelines (while other media and interfaces are much more limited by advertising legalities). This makes tobacco companies focus on this outlet even more.

These companies know the importance of making an impact while an individual is at the register and ready to buy. They spend big bucks ensuring that their products are front and center at convenient stores. Those worried about influencing children to smoke argue that this placement puts the tobacco product amid candy and family-oriented objects, not only appealing particularly to kids but also making them seem like common, everyday and harmless objects, according to a report by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

They also target those who have quit smoking by making advertising unavoidable at any food store. As stated by Phillip Morris: “We should have Marlboro positioned in the store to take advantage of the impulse shopper.”

How can my company benefit from POS?

Point of sale (or point of purchase) is your chance to communicate directly with a captive audience who is definitely already interested in your products and services. Whether interested clients and customers are interacting with business representatives at a meeting, cashier clerks at a store or just your website interface, the impression they receive as they achieve the ultimate goal — trading their hard-earned money for your product while entrusting your company over your competitors’ — is invaluable.

This is your make-or-break moment, what all of your other advertising is leading up to. It’s imperative that your POS has the look, feel and benefits to help your business drive even more POS transactions.

Ask Mad 4 Marketing how to integrate POS techniques into a 360-degree campaign, for all types of business. You can also check this blog next Monday for some extra tips and tricks.

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