Facebook Advertising Isn’t Fading

Last month, we blogged about Facebook’s recent change to its newsfeed algorithm. The change meant that posts with harder “news” given precedence over branded pages. We noted that reports were emerging that this was causing a substantial decline in the reach these pages had on the regular Facebook user, and were forcing online marketers to rethink their social media strategies.

Well, in a study that completely conflicts with this, Nuestar shows that Facebook advertising is still an incredibly effective way to achieve reach when compared to other methods.

The study indicated that Facebook was – and still is – 197 percent more effective than online portals (websites that bring information from diverse sources together in a uniform way). The social networking site was also the most effective at generating reach by a substantial margin. Good news for all of those branded pages out there!

Believe it or not, Facebook was also found at being the best at delivering a “higher quality of user” via advertising.  A “high-quality user” is someone who’s more likely to remain logged in and active on the site, and it’s someone who clicked on to a number of different pages in their one session.

This new report is definitely food for thought for all of those marketers thinking of abandoning Facebook after its algorithm change. Perhaps it’s not such a lost cause after all.

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