Make Me a Star: Top 10 Costumes From Your Favorite Marketing Mascot

It’s Howl-o-Ween at Mad 4 Marketing. To celebrate one of our favorite holidays, we’ve taken a look back at some of our favorite costumes of all time, as worn by our beloved mascot, lunchtime companion, and social media darling: Star.

1. Pumpkin

1395813_10151919100538614_2142965285_n2. Monarch Butterfly

1390605_10151924069448614_1416648833_n3. Santa’s Little Helper

1919599_197220173613_4023509_n4. Gene Kelly Superfan

904421_10151974530818614_2065001589_o5. Banana Spider

12190004_10153616552778614_5522539457280990537_n6. Beggar

10896898_10152920350738614_1006859621593163659_n7. El Perro Hambriento

11147015_10153191191453614_4342353948349021618_n8. Siamese Twins

11329821_10153337321633614_8295517680338817878_n9. Hippy Dippy Dog

13001323_10154007976243614_4944251608960918161_n10. And of course her favorite … Chief Executive Dog



What will Star be wearing this October 31? Find out first by following us on Facebook.


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