The Benefits of DTC Marketing

Many businesses are leaning into DTC to strengthen their relationships to customers.
In 2019, the Customer is King.
It’s no surprise that brands have started scanning their business plans, looking for ways to shift even more focus to their customers. For many, this is done by either dedicating more resources, or fully pivoting, to DTC.
What’s DTC?
DTC stands for Direct-to-Consumer. The DTC marketing strategy is when businesses reach out directly to their customers/clients/buyers and communicate or even make sales without going through partners or third parties.
That usually means reaching out to people online, especially through social media—the easiest way to connect to large groups of people directly. Their approach might include paid ads and sponsored search results, in addition to direct conversation and making sales.
But it isn’t just about the internet. You also connect directly with consumers when they enter your store and buy your products, without interference from a third-party seller (for example, if you’re selling cars, you can buy directly from a Your Car Brand dealership instead of a Multiple Kinds of Cars for Sale dealership). That means the entire area is covered in your decorations, your vibe, your products, your branding, and your staff.
Here’s why you might consider direct-to-consumer marketing:

  • DTC means that you control the entire experience, and positive word-of-mouth will be all about your brand.
  • It means that you can stand out in a crowded category, and avoid direct competition, while still participating in that category through hashtags and keywords.
  • It means that all advertising can focus on your own mission, while also featuring your products.
  • It means that when your following grows online, you can actually nurture and deepen your relationships over time.
  • You also don’t need to run your posts, budget, or strategy by other partners, which allows you to move faster with business decisions and accomplish more.

Whether your purpose is to gain better control of your own business transactions, convey a sense of exclusivity to drive demand (for example, that customers will only be able to get your products from you), or simply to deepen your relationships with your customers, you might benefit from shifting your business strategy to DTC.
If you want to explore some direct-to-consumer strategies or look into other ways you can build your customer relationships in the months ahead, start by directly connecting with Mad 4 Marketing!

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