Is Customer Service Your Untapped Marketing Asset?

Marketers spend a lot of time thinking of ways to capture their audience’s attention and turn it toward a company’s products and services.

But what if your audience is already reaching out to you? It makes more sense to use every exchange as an opportunity to share insights, announcements, and updates.

That includes customer service. This is one of the places that buyers most often reach out to companies. They open a channel of communication and make themselves available for feedback. However, many businesses see customer service inquiries as problem-solving exchanges; to succeed, they believe these inquiries should be resolved fast. 

That means quickly closing the line of communication, instead of optimizing it.

We believe in doing the exact opposite: Mine these interactions for all they’re worth!

For example, you can plug in your current campaign messaging. You can share news and information. Or, simply learn a little bit about the customer (like an informal survey opportunity).

Because people who care enough to actually pick up the phone, or send an email, or fill out a form? These are your most highly engaged and deeply invested customers or clients.Those are valuable relationships that deserve a little more nurturing, even if it means that your customer service representatives spend a few more minutes with each disgruntled call or ticket.

Just think about each of these exchanges as opportunities to invest quality time with your core audience. You have the chance to boost their brand awareness and improve their overall satisfaction with your company. Then, that time investment is certainly worthwhile.

Obviously, this is not the way that companies commonly think about handling customer service requests—but it should be.

After all, their happiness is likely to translate to profit gains for you!

If you’d like to analyze your current customer service messaging and investigate ways to weave strategic marketing messages into each engagement, contact Mad 4 Marketing.

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