Would Your Company Benefit from Rich Business Messaging (RBM)?

Boost customer engagement with Rich Business Messaging (RBM).

When you push out messages to the world, the gesture might wind up being the first (and only) step in a one-way conversation with your customers.

For example, Facebook business pages allow you to create posts and notes that your followers will see. You can also share links back to your own website for longer-form content. Even if your content gets a lot of views, or even clicks, do these types of communication earn a lot of engagement? For most companies, the answer is “no.”

So, what can you do to change that?

One easy solution might be to identify opportunities for direct messaging between your company and a segmented customer base that is likely to be receptive and engaged. Direct messaging has the potential to feel “spammy,” but when it’s done right it offers that all-important aspect of “personalization” that modern customers crave.

For the most part, direct messaging is used for transactional communications, such as confirming a ticket purchase or letting someone know that their delivery is on its way. But direct messaging can also be used for more personal touchpoints.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of direct messaging, you’ll probably want to make the most of your marketing touchpoints by investigating Rich Business Messaging (RBM) opportunities.

What is Rich Business Messaging (RBM)?

Don’t get the wrong idea from its name: Rich Business Messaging is not a messaging strategy for business that are already raking in profit. However, it’s possible that RBM can help your company boost its bottom line.

Instead, Rich Business Messaging – which is also commonly called Rich Communication Services (RCS) – is better described as enriched content. One example is Google’s RBM/RCS services, which launched for Android users in 2018. This allowed business, for the first time, to send messages directly to smartphone users through its messaging app with enriched content – like graphics, buttons, maps, and more.

It’s designed to boost interaction above and beyond what a standard text message can elicit.

What are potential drawbacks of enriched direct-messaging marketing campaigns?

Hurdles include the fact that customers have to opt-in to receive enriched SMS messages from your company, so this approach might only be viable for a small segment of enthusiastic and engaged customers. It also relies on customers to have compatible service providers and display interfaces.

But if you nail it, you’re likely to see increased engagement if you roll out Rich Business Messaging.

Interested in ensuring your content is well-designed with eye-catching images, functioning buttons, and reliable tracking to collect your user data? Mad 4 Marketing can help you make the most of RBM.


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